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Usher Terrence "Terry" Raymond IV , or simply Usher, as the world knows him, was born born October 14, 1978 and is an American singer, dancer, and actor. Usher's hit songs have topped charts since the late 90's, and are all of us have emotional connections with at least one of his songs. Some of his earlier hits include 'U Remind Me', 'U Got it Bad', and 'Nice and Slow', and his latest ones including 'Yeah' and 'OMG'. Hit albums like Confessions and Raymond vs Raymond continued his sucess, and paired with his famous dance moves Usher has risen to be one of the biggest music moguls of all time. Usher is a southern boy at heart, born in Dallas Texas and raised in Chattanooga until his voice was discovered by his grandma at age 9. His family eventually moved to Atlanta to pursue his music career, which turns out to be the best decision they've ever made. As many successful people do, Usher has ventured into other businesses and industries, owning several restaurants and part ownership of the Clevelan Cavaliers. He has three film roles under his belt, including Light It up, The Mix, and The Faculty. His most successful venture of all may be signing teen pop sensation Justin Bieber back in 2007 to his record label US Records. Aside from his successful professional life, his personal life has been less than perfect. He was linked to TLC singer Chilli back in 2001, and their break up swirled rumors about him cheating since it was timed imperfectly with the release of his album titled Confessions. She claims he did, he claims he didn't, who to believe is up to you. He was briefly linked to psychopath Naomi Campbell, and was married to Tameka Foster for two years, although he admitted they were living separately for the last year of their marriage. Recent claims are saying that there exists an Usher and Tameka sex tape. The tape was allegedly stolen during a car robbery when Usher also lost thousands of dollars worth of jewelry. Usher has so much money that it's unlikely the tape will ever see the light of day, but just knowing that it exists is juicy enough for the world! His now ex wife doesn't seem to think much of the tape, and is not letting it affect her in any way as she tweets "Yes, I cant stress over what I cant change. Hey I was married, happily. So theres a chance that we might. Its silly 'news' 2 me." The two have two children together.

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